Eldorado Natural spring bottled water

5 gallon 5-Gallon Bottle PLASTIC (Each)* 9.30
3 Gallons 3-Gallon Bottle PLASTIC (Each)* 7.30
3 Gallons Glass 3-Gallon Bottle GLASS (Each)* 11.35
  * Bottle Deposit PLASTIC (Refundable) 6.00
  * Bottle Deposit GLASS (Refundable) 20.00
Half Liter ½-Liter Bottles (Case of 24) 14.00
24 Oz 24 oz Bottles (Case of 24) 15.00
1 Liter 1-Liter Bottles (Case of 12) 13.00
One half liter 1.5-Liter Bottles(Case of 12) 14.25
1 Gallon 1-Gallon Jugs (Case of 6) 9.0

Eldorado Organic vitamin water

Peach Mango, Dragonfruit, Hibiscus Lime, Pink Passion Guava, Sicilian Orange, Strawberry Blueberry, or Mixed (case of all six flavors)

20-oz Bottles (Case of 12) 18.50



Private Labels Private Labels

Get Eldorado water bottles with your own private label.

$16.00/case (0.5-liter bottles;24ct)

There is a $100 set-up fee for fewer than 50 cases. 50 cases or more the set-up fee is waived.

* Prices for clear film labels are higher.