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Why do people prefer Eldorado Natural Spring Water?Eldorado

Where does the water come from?

The artesian springs, which are located in Eldorado Springs, emanate from one of the most unique sources in the world. The spring water originates as rain and snow just east of the Continental Divide. There it enters an aquifer and flows undergroud heading east. The aquifer passes beneath Eldorado Springs at a depth of approximately 8,000 feet and intersects with the Lyons Sandstone Formation. These sandstones are old sand dunes which have been pushed up vertically during the formation of the Rocky Mountains. An immense artesian pressure forces the water up through the sandstone to the surface in Eldorado Springs, naturally filtering it. Since it is estimated to take more than 2000 years to complete this entire circulation process, it is assured the water contains no "man made" pollutants. Protecting the source from all other ground waters is a 500 foot thick layer of clay known as Lykin's Layer which is just above the sandstone and is impervious to water.

Furthermore, Eldorado Springs is surronded by hundreds of acres of local, state and federal park land. All these factors contribute in the natural production of eldorado Artesian Spring Water, a water reknowned as one of the purest natural springs in the world.

An extraordinary spring...

"H2O - The Guide to Quality Bottled Water" defines an extraordinary springs as one which is:

Eldorado Springs definitely qualifies as an extraordinary spring. The springs are lightly carbonated, just enough to keep out all the bacteriological contaminants. Eldorado Spring's temperature (76°F), flow (200 gallons per minute) and analysis remains constant throughout the year. The importance of consistency in the spring cannot be over-emphasized; this assures the source is true.

Like all other extraordinary springs, Eldorado Spring Water has been consumed by people for numerous generations who have recognized its pure quality and great taste.

Water Analysis


Legal Limits


pH - 7.1
Turbudity 1TU ND
Arsenic 0.05 ND
Barium 1.0 ND
Cadmium 0.01 ND
Chromium 0.05 0.01
Fluoride 2.4 0.3
Lead 0.05 ND
Mercury 0.002 ND
Nitrate 10.0 0.67
Selenium 0.01 ND
Silver 0.05 ND
Pesticides 0.1092 ND
Herbicides 0.11 ND
Calcium - 8.7
Trihalomethanes 0.1 ND
Chloride 250.0 <3.0
Copper 1.0 0.013
Iron 0.3 0.04
Manganese 125.0 ND
Phosphate - 0.09
Silicon - 16.0
Sodium 250.0 5.9
Sulphate 250.0 15.0
Zinc 5.0 0.014
Molybdenum - ND
Phenol 0.001 ND
Potassium - 2.6
Magnessium - 2.3
Bicarbonate - 31.0
TDS 500.0


ND - None detected
TDS - Total Dissolved Solids
Limits set by U.S. Federal Standards

All measurements in parts per million.
More information is available at www.eldoradosprings.com